Hello and Welcome! I’m Raquel.

I’m the chef-baker behind Mamachows. My passion in life are: being a doting wife to my husband Jon, being Mimi (mom) to my 3 kids, and Baking!

When I’m not busy making pastries and lactation goodies, I spend most of my time taking care of my 3 kids. I share about my breastfeeding, parenting journey and some mommy-baby-approved reviews on my blog too.

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My ultimate favorite mini cheesy lactation cupcakes [are] from Mamachows... they help boost my milk supply. My breastfeeding journey has been quite different this time with my baby girl... With Lila she was a delicate feeder right from the start which meant my supply over corrected and adapted to her small appetite [...] I used to eat these when I was breast feeding kalon. Now I really need them!

Amanda Griffin Jacob (amandagriffin_j)