Birthday Month gift #2

It’s that time of the year that I give out some of my favorite things. It’s my way of giving back to all my followers and clients. My way of saying thank you for all the L-O-V-E you are giving me. I never felt so loved and blessed with all the appreciation you guys gave me. I am not perfect, I don’t know what I did to be followed by my co-moms. all I know is that when I share things I write from my heart, I write what I learned and found my niche to share to you guys what worked for us.

For my second gift, I am giving this away because we actually use it. I am not, and again let me reiterate did not get paid for this post. I meet Jacq Ong of Vecirin late last year. His son Liam and my son Saffron are friends. Jacq and I don’t usually hang out at school before pick-up. Last year Mommy Jacq moved her kid to a different school, and missed the orange kiddie crew, it was supposed to be the time for me to get to know her, but it didn’t happen. Then one of our co-parent made a group chat and in that group we exchange mommy tips. In one of our many many conversations, we found out that majority of our kids are using the same soap and has the same skin conditions. Either kids has eczema or skin asthma. Jacq, then sent me Vcirin to try. Here’s what I have to say about this soap.

I started to use Vecirin last Sept 8, 2015 initially I was feeling a little weird cause the cleanser doesn’t make bubbles. My kids were, skeptic specially Saffron because He finds it weird that the soap we are using doesn’t make any bubbles at all. Found out that Vecirin has NO SLS or more commonly know as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, base on its literature SLS is a known skin irritant. Sodium Lauryl sulfate strips away the skins natural lipids, rendering it more susceptible to external irritants. (more…)


Birthday Month

It’s my birthday month again and its that time of the year that I give back to my followers and clients. Last year, I did start September 1, but this year I started late. I have been very busy and stressing out with Saffron’s big school application kase… hehehe! So, i had to make sure we do the test smoothly and let it finish so I can focus.

So what are we waiting for? I have 36 of my favorite gifts to give out. Lets start the give away!





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