I got a letter today

Written by my 5 year old.
Written by my 5 year old.

When your busy working and refuse to talk to your kids, but somehow they manage to find a way to send you their message via letter…In this case a letter written by Saffron. My life as mom is always about my kids. In general my kids are behave and easy to manage. I can still just give them my stare 😒and they know what to do. When I ask them if they want a warning, they know, what will happen next. Today, I am very busy baking and doing paper works. The kids have been taking turns calling me for the smallest things. I have to put up with who’s hitting who, who’s grabbing toys with whom, who’s not sharing, who’s not listening and most of all who’s not behaving. Of all the days, they chose to do it today. Then I told them, I’m busy 🙅🏼and I will not answer to any of those calls…then enter the letter 🗒🖊📝. Mimi, I have a problem. Brie, palo Bleu and you need to palo Brie — Saffron. First, I told Saffron, how proud I was with his letter. Then, I asked him who spelled those words? He said he did. He was even proud to say…I did it, it was very easy. Then I asked him why his telling me about it 😂😂😂 because he said I should know everything. Hehehe. #letter #writtenbya5yearold #sumbongsumbong


A Filipina’s experience with Chinese ge-lai

Some herb that I took before giving birth. After drinking this, wapak!Read more

Today, marks the 34th month of the twins, it is just fitting that I publish here on my own blog my first experience doing Ge-lai. Read on…


Munching on my ge-lai foods
Munching on my ge-lai foods.

Ge-lai is hardly heard of among pregnant Filipino women, but the practice has been associated with pregnancy itself among those with Chinese heritage in the Philippines.

I am a Filipina married to a pure Chinese who was born and raised in the Philippines. Marrying Jon also meant embracing his culture. Among them is the traditional practice of ge-lai after giving birth.

I first encountered the term ge-lai when Jon and I were trying to get pregnant. I did not fully understand it then, but it has always haunted me. So when I got pregnant, i finally asked my husband what ge-lai is really about. In reply, he said that it’s a post-natal care followed by the Chinese which means that you won’t be allowed to bathe for a whole month. That’s it! Hmmm, ge-lai does not sound so dreadful after all.

But as my belly grew bigger in the passing months, I learned more about ge-lai that my husband failed to mention (I think deliberately) when I first asked him about it.

Here’s my chronicle:



Birthday Gift #4 : Smiley Bernardo Cake

Lovely cake from Smiley: Win this.12071350_10153577393572357_1949998669_n

What’s a birthday if you don’t have a cake? This year I got a total of 5 birthday cakes from family, friends and followers, those cakes were among the best that I have tasted. I think there was pressure for them to find me yummy cake. hehehe! For my 4th bithday give away. I am giving away this lovely cake by my good friend Smiley Bernardo.

So how did I discover Smiley? Smiley and I are classmate on our birthing class with Miss Rome Kanapi. After giving birth we became good friends. We constantly check on each other. Swap motherhood stories and exchange recipes. One time Smiley, just discovered the love for making fondant. She took classes. practiced. and now she bake and makes all my fondant cakes & cupcakes orders.


This was the first cake she made from me for my son’s birthday, Best day ever Spongebob! 



Birthday Month Gift 3

positive-discipline-workshopPositive Discipline, is there such a thing? My dad taught me how to be compassionate to others specially those who are in need, he taught us to serve God and fear God. He taught us how to read the Bible, he taught me that money is just a paper, that whatever God asked you to give to him you give. Thats how he taught us. To always serve God first.

My dad was the yelling type. So I would often pray and ask God why does my dad always have to yell whenever he is mad? Then it came to me that his dad was like that, My lolo was also the yelling type. Why was he yelling? Not because he doesn’t love us but because he doesn’t know how to express his feelings and he was also raised that way.

I never liked the feeling of getting yelled at. So, I told myself whatever it was that I don’t like with how my parents raised me I will never do it to my kids. Why? I hated it, I felt sad when i was yelled at. I felt embarrassed and I couldn’t understand why they have to yell. I mean, I’m not deaf. I can clearly hear them. hehehe. Don’t get me wrong, I NEVER hated any of my parents. I LOVE them dearly. I just don’t like the yelling part. hehehe. In general I was raised good by my parents. Raised to respect the elders and others, raised to honor thy parents, I was spanked and yelled at but in general I was raised well. So why am I saying all these?

For my 3rd give-away, together with The Learning Basket I am giving away 2 seats to 2 lucky parents to attend The Positive Discipline Seminar, This will be held on Sept 26, 2015 at The Parenting Emporium. How to join?


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P.S. I am a valedictorian on this class its soooooooo worth it. 


Birthday Month gift #2

It’s that time of the year that I give out some of my favorite things. It’s my way of giving back to all my followers and clients. My way of saying thank you for all the L-O-V-E you are giving me. I never felt so loved and blessed with all the appreciation you guys gave me. I am not perfect, I don’t know what I did to be followed by my co-moms. all I know is that when I share things I write from my heart, I write what I learned and found my niche to share to you guys what worked for us.

For my second gift, I am giving this away because we actually use it. I am not, and again let me reiterate did not get paid for this post. I meet Jacq Ong of Vecirin late last year. His son Liam and my son Saffron are friends. Jacq and I don’t usually hang out at school before pick-up. Last year Mommy Jacq moved her kid to a different school, and missed the orange kiddie crew, it was supposed to be the time for me to get to know her, but it didn’t happen. Then one of our co-parent made a group chat and in that group we exchange mommy tips. In one of our many many conversations, we found out that majority of our kids are using the same soap and has the same skin conditions. Either kids has eczema or skin asthma. Jacq, then sent me Vcirin to try. Here’s what I have to say about this soap.

I started to use Vecirin last Sept 8, 2015 initially I was feeling a little weird cause the cleanser doesn’t make bubbles. My kids were, skeptic specially Saffron because He finds it weird that the soap we are using doesn’t make any bubbles at all. Found out that Vecirin has NO SLS or more commonly know as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, base on its literature SLS is a known skin irritant. Sodium Lauryl sulfate strips away the skins natural lipids, rendering it more susceptible to external irritants. (more…)