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Our son Saffron is turning 6 on April 10, but since its holy week we have chosen to celebrate it in advance. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday? He said he wanted a play date. We are looking at those plays-place you can see at the malls, but those things are so expensive and limited time only. I recognize we are blessed financially, but still times are trying now, it’s a wise practice to stretch our budget to maximize every peso worth. We also want something intimate, where his friends can speak to each other and most of all, parents can talk to each other too. I told my hubby I’ll just do a DIY party. So is it even possible to celebrate your kids birthday with 15,000? My answer is definitely YES. It was still possible. Let me show you how it’s done. 

First Step: Decide on your budget and theme.

Budget: 15,000.00 (+/-)

Theme: Splash / Water gun Party

How did I resolve on his theme party? One time, his classmate Thomas and Rafa went to our house for a play-date. After running, baking and all, the 3 boys were so bored and decided to play with water guns. The 3 boys had so much fun that they want to do it again. This made me decide that since it’s summertime. It’s just fitting to throw in a water gun party. Searched online via pinterest for water gun party ideas and then found the splash party. To save on venue I asked our homeowners association if I can throw a party. Good thing it was okayed. Now, off to source my digital Invitation. For my invitation designs or any other things I need my go to is Lique Dimayuga Designs. Lique, has been doing my design needs (whatever it is that I need, I always ask her) for roughly 2.5 years now.