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THE CHUA’S — Hong Kong Disneyland D-2

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Family gateway – D-1 at the happiest place on earth: All about the stroller!

The question was, to bring or not to bring a stroller? I and my husband want to travel light. After all his main concern was we are traveling with 3 kids and although we brought along a nanny with us, still we are going to hold 3 kids. An independent seven years old who feels like he knows everything and 2 curious little bunnies who tends to check out everything and anything. My husband said we can just rent a stroller at Disney and for me, I want to bring our dependable stroller with us. My point is why rent when we can actually save and use our own. In the end, we compromised with bringing 1 stroller with us. Our dependable Peg Perego Pliko Mini.

If you have been following me since Saffron, you would know that I have this love affair with my stroller. It was love at first sight for us. hahaha! If you have been following me since the twins, chances are you’ve seen the strollers too. If you just followed me recently this post is for you — So why do I love our Peg Perego Pliko Mini?

  1. It’s lightweight. – This compact, light pushchair (5.7 kg) can be folded with one hand (no need to bend!), hello #TitasofManila.
  1. It can stand on its own. – yes this, sold me when it was demonstrated to us before. I hate seeing strollers lying on the floor and since my husband is germ phobic, we love how Pliko Mini ensures perfect hygiene because the fabric never touches the ground.


Brie with the new Peg Perego Pliko Mini and Bleu with our 7 y/o pliko mini.
  1. It does not tilt over – What do I mean? I saw some strollers that when you remove the kid from the chair, and you happen to hang your bag at the back the whole stroller tilts over because it has no counterweight.

Disclaimer – The non-tilt I mentioned here is based on our own experience, the bag weight is not substantially heavier than the stroller itself. Please be mindful not to leave your child and make sure to dismount your child first. Again, the safety of your child c.omes first.  Although I rave about the non-tilting, of the stroller please bear in mind that I am speaking based solely on our own experience and not for Peg Perego.
4. It has a 5.0 safety harness – The Pliko has this really nice seatbelt that you can remove without disturbing your sleeping child. – insert photo of the seatbelt.*will also insert here the video.
 5. It can transition from newborn to kid – The reclining backrest can be locked into 3 positions and folds back by more than 150°, so it is suitable from birth (and for older children as well). Pliko Mini is a great helper that welcomes your little one when he or she is tired of walking or wants to take a nap. —- on experience, the twins used this stroller at 0 and now 4, to Saffron who’s now officially 7. We bought this stroller to Korea when Saffron was just 2 and now his 7 we are still using the stroller.
Saffron on our Korea trip – last 2013

The twins using the same strollers – since 2011
And Now:
Saffron riding his stroller at 7 y/o.
Did I mention that this is the only umbrela folding stroller in the market with a footrest?


5. The Ferrari of all Strollers – Yes! Peg Perego strollers are made in ITALY. Not designed in Italy and assembled in China. NO!!! It’s made in Italy, designed in ITALY. The great all-Italian quality of Peg Perego products can be seen in the details. What details? The wide seat, 3-position reclining backrest, and the 2-position adjustable footrest ensure a comfortable ride.The adjustable ergonomic handles allow people of different heights to walk comfortably while pushing. A large, practical storage basket is the finishing touch. Once folded it can be carried like a trolley case by its centralized rear handle.The height-adjustable, 5-point safety harness, the suspension wheels (lockable or swivel at the front, fixed with a centralized brake at the rear) ensure utmost safety.


Even saffron can easily maneuver the wheels.
he likes driving the stroller.

and the 3 position reclining seat: 
fully upright

Bleu napping comfortably in a fully-reclined stroller maximizing with the foot-rest.

6. The Disney stroller is very expensive to rent and it’s rock solid too… Brie/ Bleu had a hard time napping while on it. I hope they would just change it to something that can be reclined.

Brie had a hard time sleeping in the Disney stroller. Good things shes still young so no stiff neck.
this is not allowed but, Saffron was so tired of walking.


Let’s make do with what we have. =) but if we bought our old Peg Perego Saffron can easily stand on the back. Problem solved. —–lesson learned.
This is our 7.5 years old Peg Perego PlikoP3, this model allows your toddler to stand at the back.
7. Savings: how much of you save when you bring your own? The cost of stroller rental at Disney is $120 + $100 refundable deposit. You can use the stroller the whole time your inside Disney. But after your Disney trip, you have to return the stroller. In our case, we have 2 days itinerary for Disney so That means if we will not bring our own stroller…

Breakdown: $120.00 per stroller I need 2 so that $240.00 + $200.00 deposit x 2 since we are going to Disney for 2 days. So that’s = $480.00 for 2 days minus the deposit. In pesos 3,60 for stroller rentals down the drain. yikes! Now, do you believe me when I say that you should bring our own stroller? Its practical and saves you money for food, costumes, mommy funds and souvenirs? =)


Did I just say save on souvenirs funds? —- I’ll let you know more about this on my 3rd post. Thanks for reading. =)



The Chua’s —- off to Hong Kong Day 1

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Every Spring time me and Jon would plan a trip for ourselves or for the whole family. The trip would either be local or abroad. This year we felt that it was time to bring the whole bunch abroad. And our destination of choice…The happiest place on Earth, Hong Kong Disneyland. This trip marks a lot of first for us. It was Saffron’s early birthday celebration, to mark his 7th birthday and the first time for the twins to go out of the country and to ride the plane. So, what’s our itinerary like? We were booked for 4 days and 3 nights, for the whole duration of the trip: Let me give you the rundown of the day to day happenings.

Here’s our first day: Ph Airport – Hk Airport – Hotel and City side trip. 

The whole family was overly excited about this trip, we even use this as a bribe for the kids to behave. Yeah, I know bribing is not good, but who can resist? hahaha!


One of the things that I do when we travel is making an excel file of things to wear, this way we know how many things to pack for the trip. In my rule, we always have 2 extra sets of clothes as emergency clothes. Having kids means there is a chance that things might spill into their clothes or in some case if they get sick or accidentally vomit. so, as a rule, we have extra emergency clothes ready.

What to put on your file?

  1. Put the date and destination: Like here I place the departure date – April 16 and the time of departure.
  2. Arrival date and time + destination — Hong Kong 12:20 noon – This way you know if you also need to add some snacks on your baby bag.
  3. Also, include the weather forecast – In this case, its 19-23 degrees (that’s a jacket weather) with a chance of rain.
Here's the sample of my OOTD chart
Here’s the sample of my OOTD chart



  1. For our PJ’s we also have 2 sets – 1 set for the whole entire stay and another set as extra in-case of emergency.
  2. Also, make a list of your medicine – for Fever, colds, tummy (erceflora) and cough.
  3. ointments – papaw, bruise sticks, arnica gel etc.
  4. Vitamins
  5. Essential oils for the ff: tummy, vertigo, cough, colds, and sleep.
  6. Toiletries: kids gel, sunblock, powder, night time essentials (mom)

After we sort all the things we need for the trip we put all those inside packing cubes with markings (D-1 for day 1) etc. So when we get to our hotel we just pull the packing cube according to day it’s needed. Much less hassle to sort things and easier to be organized too –married to OC husband.

Must have when we travel? – What to wear? What to bring? 

  1. Let your kids wear bright colored clothes. If you noticed in the above file I put there twins will wear yellow banana set. Why is it important to let them wear bright colored clothes? so you can easily spot them in a crowd just in case you lost sight of one of your kids (I hope not).
  2. It’s a must to bring a stroller with you. Why? well, strollers can help you control your kids. hahaha! cause you know they are just seated there and strapped in. No matter how behave your kids are they are still curious about all the first in their eyes so for sure if they are not strapped in you’ll be running around like a headless chicken. Here are other reasons why you should bring a stroller with you, with a stroller you’ll be given priority in line and of course instant push cart for things. hahaha!
  3. I also carry with me kids tracker by RevX
  4. A carry on luggage – we put all our jackets inside (we have 5 in total), some snacks (hard to buy food in our airport) and some important things such as –wipes, ointments, and extra shirts. We bring this so to free our hands.
  5. A backpack or knapsack as mom bag. Whenever I travel I always use a knapsack, again to free my hand.

*Umbrella type strollers are not allowed on overhead compartments inside the aircraft, you will have to leave it by the aircraft door. Make sure it has a name and barcode (ask your ground flight attendant to give you one). Once you arrive HK you can pick up your stroller near the baggage carousel assinged for your flight, not in the carousel.

The OOTDS – Airport Fashion:

Here's Bleu wearing bright colored clothes strapped safely in his Peg Perego Pliko Mini stroller so mommy can post for OOTD! hahaha!
Here’s Bleu wearing bright colored clothes (checked), hand carry luggage (checked), Knapsack as mommy bag (checked) and toddler strapped safely in his Peg Perego Pliko Mini stroller (checked) so mommy can post for OOTD! hahaha!
Mommy OOTD, I usually wear long sleeves when I fly out of the county cause you wont know if its cold in the airport on inside the plane. I also wear comfy shoes by Melissa so its stylish and easy to remove. Knapsack by Pacsafe.
Mommy OOTD, I usually wear long sleeves when I fly out of the county cause you won’t know if its cold in the airport on inside the plane. I also wear comfy shoes by Melissa so its stylish and easy to remove. Knapsack by Pacsafe.
Say Yellow!
Say Yellow!
Don Bleu Chua, strapped safely in his  7 years old Peg Perego Pliko Mini stroller.
The wackiest kid among the bunch, safely strapped in his stroller. :P
The wackiest kid among the bunch, safely strapped in his stroller. :P
Trying all this antics, so I will remove his seatbelt. He just can't out smart me. hahahaha!
Trying all his antics, so I will remove his seatbelt. He just can’t out smart me. hahahaha!

The carrier:

Our choice of carrier to Hong Kong was Philippine Airlines (PAL) why?

  1. Cause they have their own terminal, easier for us to deal with kids.
  2. They serve rice meals.

Kids behaved well inside the plane despite that we don’t have a TV on board. If your flying with PAL you must DL (download) the myPalPlayer App. This app works only while on board PAL aircraft and Wifi to operate this app is FREE on board too. This is their way to compensate for the lack of TV/monitor on board. If your traveling with kids – it’s all best to request for the kid’s meal. I called PAL 2 days before our departure and requested for the kids’ meal. In fairness to PAL they accommodated our request and served the kids first. The kids got burger steak meal with rice and gravy + apple juice and KitKat bar. The only downside of this is that not all kids like mushy things. I understand that the choice they made since it’s less maintenance. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m ordering in a resto and can request for everything but, since you have this option might as well give choices.

my suggestions for kid meals on board PAL:

  1. Chicken tenders or nuggets + rice + gravy (on the side) + orange juice.
  2. Burger steak (done medium well) + rice + gravy (on the side) + juice
  3. Pork or Chicken Adobo (the majority of the kids are familiar with this one and safer too) + Rice + juice
  4. Pls, change your dessert options too. – Why not serve chocolate mouse, brownies or pastillas – over carrot cake and tiramisu

*Again, before you travel better to DL the app just to be sure you are covered while on the plane.

All behaved inside the plane.
All behaved inside the plane — with international Basketball player as photo bomber. hahaha!
The Chua kids
The Chua kids – with their dinosaur knapsack baby bag from Milk and Honey

Our trip usually booked thru travel agency so its less hassle for us. When we got to Hong Kong we made arrangements for pick-up from airport to hotel transfer.

The crazy bunch inside our coaster.
The crazy bunch inside our coaster on our way to Hong Kong Disney land.

The Hotel: 

Whenever I visit Hong Kong we go for Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel (The white hotel). Rooms are bigger and make us feel that we are in a castle. Will post more about the hotel in my next post.

The City Side Trip – Food trip + Skyscraper: 

We planed a quick side trip to the city to treat the kids the MTR ride. From Disney Hotel we took the shuttle service to Disney station. It was a hit for the kids cause the whole train is Disney inspired. From Disney station, we went to the sunny bay station then to Tsim Sha Tsui station.

The whole gang on our way to Disney Train Station.
The whole gang on our way to Disney Train Station.
Ahya Saffron posing near the arc, then telling him we will not go yet. =$
Ahya Saffron posing near the arc, then telling him we will not go yet. =$
The tourists, feeling tourist inside the Disney Tram
The tourists, feeling tourist inside the Disney Tram

When we got there, we went straight to Gateway mall to try 1 particular restaurant as per the request of Chef Jon and the resident duck monster aka Chubyeol aka Bleu. No other than The M&C Duck restaurant. M&C duck does not accept reservations, we tried while here in Manila to reserve but they refuse. We tried also on that day, and they again refused. The restaurant opens at 6 pm so we waited in line.

The MC Duck, whats a visit in Hong Kong if you will not try the famous Ducks.
The M&C Duck, what a visit in Hong Kong if you will not try the famous Ducks.


what did we order?

The famous M&C Duck Peking Duck.
The famous M&C Duck Peking Duck.

The famous M&C duck is served on a platter, unlike here in Manila. They will serve you the duck on the side while being cut. Here in M&C the serve it to you ready on a platter with the usual pairing that’s the wrap, sauce and some cucumber and leeks.

Up-close, The M&C Duck
Up-close, The M&C Duck

Under these layers of crunchy, crispy skin is the well seasoned and juicy duck meat.

This flower Veggy dish is one of the best sellers of the restaurant.
This flower Veggie dish is one of the best sellers of the restaurant.

surprisingly these dish is really good. Fresh, light, and delicious.

The crab claw
The crab claw

We also ordered the crab claw that was recommended to us by our server. These were Saffron favorite, I expected it to be made of crab sticks and then turned into a croquet type, but turned out it really was made of real crab claw. It was sure a delight.

The Cod fish
The Codfish

One of my favorite type of fish is Cod, as soon I see that on the menu I would order it because I know cod fish are really good. This dish is fish cod with three (3) sauce. The 3 sauces are mustard, ketchup and I think mayo. I was a bit disappointed with this because I felt the sauces overpowered the fish. Ok, I admit I did not know how to fully eat this dish like do I mix all the 3 sauce then??? but in general, the fish is really good, just not a fan of the sauces. PS: the mustard is it spicy/hot like wasabi — so you might want to go easy on it.

Shop 3319, level 3, Gateway Arcade
Harbour City, 17 Canton Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: +852 2347 6898
Daily: 11.30am – 4pm, 6pm – 10.30pm
Nearest Station: Tsim Sha Tsui

After our M&C dinner we went to walk inside the mall, but knowing me the-not-a-mall-person, I just went for ice cream. What better brand of Ice cream to seal this evening feast? No other than Godiva Ice Cream.

The Godiva soft serve ice cream - Vanilla flavoured with drizzle of chocolate
The Godiva soft serve ice cream – Vanilla flavored with a drizzle of chocolate
The Godiva soft serve ice cream - Chocolate flavoured.
The Godiva soft serve ice cream – Chocolate flavored.

Godiva Shop – 3222, Level 3, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, 3-27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China 852-21755701

That’s it for our first day — so far we survived it. hahaha!

100 percent tourist. LOL!
100 percent tourist. LOL!