Our son Saffron is turning 6 on April 10, but since its holy week we have chosen to celebrate it in advance. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday? He said he wanted a play date. We are looking at those plays-place you can see at the malls, but those things are so expensive and limited time only. I recognize we are blessed financially, but still times are trying now, it’s a wise practice to stretch our budget to maximize every peso worth. We also want something intimate, where his friends can speak to each other and most of all, parents can talk to each other too. I told my hubby I’ll just do a DIY party. So is it even possible to celebrate your kids birthday with 15,000? My answer is definitely YES. It was still possible. Let me show you how it’s done. 

First Step: Decide on your budget and theme.

Budget: 15,000.00 (+/-)

Theme: Splash / Water gun Party

How did I resolve on his theme party? One time, his classmate Thomas and Rafa went to our house for a play-date. After running, baking and all, the 3 boys were so bored and decided to play with water guns. The 3 boys had so much fun that they want to do it again. This made me decide that since it’s summertime. It’s just fitting to throw in a water gun party. Searched online via pinterest for water gun party ideas and then found the splash party. To save on venue I asked our homeowners association if I can throw a party. Good thing it was okayed. Now, off to source my digital Invitation. For my invitation designs or any other things I need my go to is Lique Dimayuga Designs. Lique, has been doing my design needs (whatever it is that I need, I always ask her) for roughly 2.5 years now.

Here’s my digital invitation for our party. If you have been on my IG chances are you’ve seen these two pictures of Saffron. Yes, the same photos from the batcha pretend we are in Boracay post. =)

Step two: The Guest-list, Food and Water guns and balloons.

The Guest-list:

I asked Saffron who he wants to invite. He said he wants to invite his classmates from pre-school and his classmates from big-school that are close to him and of course our neighbors kids.  Counting, we have about 50 guest including kids and adults. For the kids we are expecting 20 kids.

The Water guns and balloons:

So how do you throw a water gun party with only 3 water guns? I need water guns! I told my husband we needed 20 water-guns and these guns will also serve as the give away after. I went to Toy Kingdom and Toys R Us, no water gun available. I was like…WTH!? why no water gun? To those who knows me I don’t like going and buying from divi. I’m an introvert and crowded places makes me uncomfortable. Luckily my Uncle Joey who’s visiting from Ireland and my mom went to divisoria, I asked them if they can buy me water guns. They sent me pictures and told them I want big water guns. They were able to find and was happy to buy it for us (i did not realize how big the box was, hehehe. inutusan ko pa sila!). It cost us 3,900.00 not bad. Again thanks to my mom for sourcing it for me and my uncle, for paying it for me since i forgot to send money and thanks for carrying the big box. hehehe! I was lucky that S and R has water-ballons that you can fill up in just 60 seconds. I got those too for 1,200.00


My bad-ass water guns from Divisoria


Water ballons
Me with my mom, filling up the water-balloons.



Next was the Decorations and Menu. 


  1. Ballons @ 20.00 each 15 pcs
  2. Banderitas 5 pcs @ 80.00 each
  3. Happy Birthday Banderitas @100.00
  4. Strings @ 20.00

Tables and Chairs: 

  1. Chairs – I borrowed from my friends Maricel and Beng of The Parenting Emporium. Thanks Guys!
  2. Tables – I have a lot of tables which I use for dessert buffet set-up.
  3. Table clothes – from MamaChows.




For my menu: 

Pica-pica: Nachos with beef and cheese topping 500.00

Main: From MamaChows Spent – 4,000.00

  1. Lumpiang Shanghai
  2. Beef Mechado
  3. Iberian Chicken
  4. Rice

Sourced from other supplier:

  1. Chicken Nuggets – Purefoods -400.00
  2. Pork BBQ – Heavens BBQ -1,640.00
  3. Spaghetti – Amber -1,020.00


Dessert Buffet: All from MamaChows

  1. Mini Smore’s
  2. Mini Merengue
  3. Mini Cheese Cupcakes
  4. Mini Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips Cookies
  5. Birthday Cake – By our good friend Smiley Bernardo of Cakes and Co. The only fondant cake I eat and order.
  6. Ice cream from Nestle – Vanilla and Ube flavor 680.00


Mini Merengue by MamaChows.
Mini Cheese cupcake by Mamachows
Mini Cheese cupcake by Mamachows
Mini S'mores by MamaChows
Mini S’mores by MamaChows


  1. Lemon Ice Tea – 200.00
  2. Water
  3. Soda – 3 1.5 liters (only 1 was opened)

Others: 500.00

  1. Paper plates
  2. Tissue
  3. Plastic cups
  4. Spoon and fork
  5. Tissue

Now we are all set! lets party!!!!!!!!

Aside from the water-guns and balloons, you will need a big water drum that will serve as loading station. Small pool for the water balloons and lots of towel. =)

The early birds.


The Birthday boy. All smiles. 

To my dear Saffron, Happy Happy Birthday! I remeber when I found out that I was pregnant with you. I was so nervous and excited. I remeber when I saw you the frist time…I couldn’t belive it was real. From that day on, I thank the Lord for granting me my wish to have you as my son. I prayed and waited for you and you came in at the right time and stole my heart. Saffron, I want you to know that I’m thankful that God gave me a good, loving and respectful boy in you. Thank you for teaching mommy how to be patient, kind and understanding. Thank you for teaching me how to love unconditionally, for letting me be the best mom I could be and most of all for just letting me guide you. Thank you son, for always letting me know how I am as a mom to you and your siblings I really appreciate those things. I wish that you will fulfill your dreams and become a singer/ performer. I wish you good health and  more birthdays to come. Saffron, thank you for making mommy complete. Happy Birthday and I love you!  —-love Mimi

That smile, priceless!
Birthday boy, getting some squirt from his baba.

In every event I/we do, I always hire a photographer. Why? Because, I want to capture the moment while I am included in the pictures. hehehe!. But for this day, I forgot to hire one… I was in a panic mode. I asked my friend Bridget to help me look for a photographer. She then posted a shout-out on her FB.

The shout-out goes like this:

Looking for Photographer to cover simple play-date/birthday party. Working budget 3,500.00

Bridget then created a group chat with Arnold Riodeque. I asked him if his available on my date, which by the way is the same day of the event. hehehe! I told him I need only, digital photos, raw, no edit. I also told him that I want a Kodak Moment photos. Meaning, I want him to capture the moment but still scenic approach. I don’t want a point and shoot kinda photos.  I also told him I have working budget. By the end of the day he agreed on all my terms and everybody happy. I have to admit, I haggled for this service BUT to make it clear, I don’t mean to insult the talent of the photographer but sometimes you just have to haggle on things.

The Kodak Moment I was referring to. =)

The highlight of our party, moments that we will forever cherish. Photo captured by Arnold Riodeque.







My heart is full with the love I see that my kids share for each other.
Even I enjoyed the party and I’m included in the photos. =) 


The Party was really for me and my husband. hehehe!



I am really close with my son’s friends. Makes me young at heart.



We are really enjoying this. hehehe!
Mimi and Baba enjoyed the party too.


His really the biggest kids here. =)
and his enjoying it the most! hahaha!


Here’s the breakdown:

1,000.00 – Digital Invitation Design

7,200.00 – Food

5,100.00 – Water-guns, water-balloons and decorations

3,500.00 – Photographer

16,800.00 – Total

Mommy Tip: I know I went over my budget. I think all moms do. hahaha. I was able to save a lot on dessert buffet because I baked all of those. If you want a dessert buffet you can just do simple candy buffet. Fill up bowls with different kinds of candies. 5 kinds is enough. I was also able to save on our birthday cake too. How? When your guest ask you what you want as a gift don’t be shy and tell them what you want. hehehe! In our case, Mommy Smiley said she will send a birthday cake for Saffron. I said YES! so that’s a big help. You, can ask a relative if they can make a digital invitations for you, that can also be crossed out on your expenses. Another saving was when I borrowed chairs from my friends Maricel and Beng, I did not have to rent those. That’s another saving.

Always, remember that you don’t have to throw those ridiculously expensive parties to make your kids happy. All you need to do is to ask them what they really want. Sometimes those simple things are what they remember and cherished the most. Happy planning your DIY Party. Let me know how it went.

Oh, our party started 3pm ended at 10pm. If I rented a place out we will be done in 4 hours.