Last January 26, Mommy Ellyn of QRose Bags approached me and expressed that she wants to give my kids QRose Buddy Bag. I said yes she can and we would love to but, I asked her if I can just pay it instead or if she can just send me the sample bags. I told her I don’t really post things that I have not tested and giving me would be lost on her business and unfair for her too. Mommy Ellyn, insisted that she will send us bags and no pressure if I don’t post her items on my IG. Feb 6, the bags were sent to us. I got The Jaw bag and The Happy Bunny upon the request of Saffron and Brie.


The Jaw
The Jaw

Happy the bunny

The Testing Phase: 

Feb 15, we had a scheduled date with our Saffron. On our date, its just going to be me, his baba and Sam. Since his 5 y/o we don’t carry that much stuffs now. So I asked him if he can carry his own bag and put the things that he will need.

Off to the Mall:

Sam carrying his own bag while shopping.
Sam carrying his own bag while shopping.
Still carrying his bag with his Baba, off to our next stop.
Still carrying his bag with his Baba, off to our next stop.


To the toy store, told him we are not buying anything there we are just going to window shop.
To the toy store, told him we are not buying anything there we are just going to window shop.

Mommy Tip: To avoid unnecessary crying and other things like that, I do prep our kids that we can go inside the toy store but to look around only. I make sure they understand that today is not buying day. So far this method is working for me and my kids. We avoid those crying and spending money, imagine if all 3 of them will ask for toy all at the same time. my golly! But, this method doesn’t work for the husband. hehehe.  


He was happy to just play the lego and check on new toys. Be sure to wash your hand after that.

Saffron’s Verdict: After our date, I asked him how was his bag? He said the bag is nice and can fit his things with space pa.

So what did he bring?


Inside his Jaw Bag:

  1. Shirt
  2. Lampin
  3. Organic wipes
  4. Lego Toys
  5. Batman Tin Can
  6. Klean Kanteen Water

I know he got just those stuffs and you’d probably say…sure there would be more space pa. hehehe! What we like about the bag? Its lightweight thats why he can bring it by himself.

Brie’s Day

Feb 16, 2017 our little girl’s date with her Mimi and Baba. We went for her pedia visit and then off to grab some dessert. I asked Brie, what bag she wants to bring and since its a new bag so picked the Happy the Bunny bag. Plus it pink too. hehehe.

Here’s the happy girl while waiting for her pedia appointment, keeping her company is her new bff bunny.


she just likes the bag.
she just likes the bag.

Brie’s Verdict: She absolutely love the bag.

My Verdict: 

I was so happy with the bags we tried since it lightweight, the colors are fun, the characters are cute and most of all it has ample space for my kids needs. I was also excited, I texted Mommy Ellyn and ordered Lady Bug and Sharptooth bag because I want to give those to my kids friends as gift.

saffron with his sharptooth bag
Saffron with his sharptooth bag
Brie and her lady bug bag.
Brie and her lady bug bag.

Bleu’s date:

Then I ordered again, this time for my baby Bleu. I got him his very own Bumble Bee bug.


Of all my kids, Bleu is the hardest one to please. His very picky with his things but once he likes something he wont let go. Here he is with his Bumble bee bag before our date.

The dynamic duo with their favorite bags. This is our everyday thing, photos taken yesterday while they are playing. The twins pretending to go to school, with their bags and push carts (??? to school?!).

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I’m really happy with the bag that I invited Mommy Ellyn to become one of my brand partner on our site. I’m glad she agreed. Happy to announce that these adorable bags are now available on our website. If your looking for bags, I highly recommend the QRose Buddy Bags order yours via Click here to view the complete collection.