positive-discipline-workshopPositive Discipline, is there such a thing? My dad taught me how to be compassionate to others specially those who are in need, he taught us to serve God and fear God. He taught us how to read the Bible, he taught me that money is just a paper, that whatever God asked you to give to him you give. Thats how he taught us. To always serve God first.

My dad was the yelling type. So I would often pray and ask God why does my dad always have to yell whenever he is mad? Then it came to me that his dad was like that, My lolo was also the yelling type. Why was he yelling? Not because he doesn’t love us but because he doesn’t know how to express his feelings and he was also raised that way.

I never liked the feeling of getting yelled at. So, I told myself whatever it was that I don’t like with how my parents raised me I will never do it to my kids. Why? I hated it, I felt sad when i was yelled at. I felt embarrassed and I couldn’t understand why they have to yell. I mean, I’m not deaf. I can clearly hear them. hehehe. Don’t get me wrong, I NEVER hated any of my parents. I LOVE them dearly. I just don’t like the yelling part. hehehe. In general I was raised good by my parents. Raised to respect the elders and others, raised to honor thy parents, I was spanked and yelled at but in general I was raised well. So why am I saying all these?

For my 3rd give-away, together with The Learning Basket I am giving away 2 seats to 2 lucky parents to attend The Positive Discipline Seminar, This will be held on Sept 26, 2015 at The Parenting Emporium. How to join?


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P.S. I am a valedictorian on this class its soooooooo worth it.